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Housing : VISUN
Bearing : C&U
SEAL : MTU or domestic
Warranty : 1 Year after installation / 60000 kms / 2 years after dispatched
MOQ : To be negotiated 


water pump,Oil pump




Water pump is the most important part of the vehicle cooling system, as the engine will emit a lot of heat in the combustion work, for effective cooling ,the cooling system will transfer these heat through the cooling cycle to other parts of the body , then the water pump is to promote the continuous circulation of coolant.Water pump as a long time running parts, if damaged is bound to seriously affect the normal running of the vehicle.

The oil pump pressurizes the oil in the oil pan and sends it to the oil filter and lubricating oil passages to lubricate the main moving parts of the engine and filter the oil. The oil pump is mostly a gear pump, composed of a gear pump body, etc. When the engine is working, the camshaft drives the driving gear of the pump body to rotate. When the engine is working, the oil pump continuously operates to ensure that the oil circulates continuously in the lubricating oil circuit. Under various operating conditions of the engine, the oil pump should ensure sufficient supply of lubricating oil. Due to the fact that the speed of the oil pump is directly proportional to the engine speed, the fuel supply capacity of the oil pump is poor at low speeds